Little Mermaid

In this episode, Brian Kramer and Courtney Smith Kramer are a dynamic husband and wife duo renowned for their expertise in marketing, branding, and...


The Giving Tree

In this episode, Cokie Cox is an entrepreneur, financial samurai, engineer, author, and climber of the Seven Summits. Jocelyn and Brian have a...

About The Podcast

Who knew that the bedtime stories we were told as children or the TV shows and movies we watched growing up would have a measurable impact on our approach to doing business today? In the Bricks or Sticks podcast, hosted by Jocelyn Ring and Brian Moran, each episode centers around a children’s fairytale or popular movie or TV show, and applies its lessons to running a company in 2023. Accountability, trust, and the importance of a mentor are just a few of the many topics covered in the Bricks or Sticks podcast. Listen to a podcast episode, and compare your takeaways to the lessons derived by Jocelyn, Brian, and the experts.