The Road to Success is Paved Brick by Brick

Whether you’re new to business or you’ve been at it for decades, you know the highs of revenue coming in and raves from clients and the lows of projects that ran off the rails and market conditions that go down the toilet.

The thing that keeps you going is that you love what you do, you’re committed to building a business and achieving the vision you sketched out on a napkin.

As you grow your business, you encounter programs that promise returns like 3x your revenue in 3 months or double your followers in 30 days. It is possible to hustle and achieve those results, but then what?

We created Bricks or Sticks because we (Brian and Jocelyn) noticed that 90% of the problems our clients were trying to address wouldn’t be solved with short-term solutions or popular strategies and tactics of the day.

Rather than treat symptoms, we worked with clients to dig into the foundation of their business. We usually found cracks or subpar materials (sticks vs. bricks). That stinks, but the great news is that these issues were FIXABLE and yielded long-term results.

By combining what we’ve learned by working with clients, we developed a foundational framework that will help you build a business that lasts.

You can learn more about the Bricks or Sticks principles through our podcast which uses children’s stories to illuminate lessons for doing business in the 21st century. We also have webinars and workshops. The best place to start is by signing up to get our “Playbook.”