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    Brian Moran

    Brian Moran


    Shelby Scarbrough

    Whitney Johnson

    CEO of Disruption Advisors

  • In this episode, Whitney Johnson, CEO of Disruption Advisors, best-selling author, a contributor to Harvard Business Review, and host of Disrupt Yourself podcast spoke to Brian and Jocelyn about Goldilocks and the Three Bears. It’s ALL about Disruption!

    Highlights and Takeaways from Whitney:

    • Goldilocks and the Three Bears illustrates the S-Curve of learning, which helps explain the process and emotional arc of growth.
    • The S-Curve of learning consists of three parts: the launch point, the sweet spot, and mastery, which can be compared to the beds and porridge in the Goldilocks story.
    • Anxiety, symbolized by the three bears, can act as a catalyst for change and growth, pushing people out of their comfort zones and onto new learning curves.
    • Disruptions, both big and small, force businesses and individuals to grow and adapt, strengthening their growth muscles in the process.
    • Little “d” disruptions, such as small changes in our daily lives, can accumulate over time and help us make bigger strides in our personal and professional growth.
    • Although people can disrupt themselves and grow on their own, external disruptions often push them further out of their comfort zones, leading to more significant growth.
    • People disrupt themselves more than they realize, as life events like moving, getting married, or starting a new job are all forms of self-disruption.
    • Some of the biggest strides in personal growth come not from chosen disruptions but from being disrupted, as it forces individuals to adapt and change their mindset.
    • Rule breakers disrupt things by thinking about the world differently.
    • Disruption doesn’t automatically make one stronger, but it’s about making a choice to grow from the experience.




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