In This Episode – Krista Clive-Smith details how the movie “Frozen” masterfully illustrates the journey of self-discovery, resilience, and empowerment. Lots of great takeaways!

Podcast Highlights:

  • Conquering the Curveball: Just as Elsa faced the challenge of controlling her powers and Anna faced the challenge of saving Arendelle, be ready to tackle the curveballs that test your dedication to your business vision.
  • Refining Your Ice Castle (Target Audience): Be clear about whom your ice castle (business) is built for. Just as Elsa had her secluded ice palace, sometimes focusing on a specific audience might mean letting go of tempting opportunities that don’t truly align.
  • Seeking the Trolls (Advisor Guidance): When lost or facing challenges, Anna sought guidance from the wise trolls. Similarly, always have trusted advisors or mentors to consult when business decisions become perplexing.
  • Olaf’s Warm Hug for Your Business: Just like Olaf’s dream of experiencing summer, every business owner needs that aspirational vision. It might seem out of reach, but with the right plan, it’s achievable.
  • Avoiding the Marshmallow Monster (Saying No): Elsa accidentally created the giant snow monster, Marshmallow, when her powers went unchecked. Similarly, saying yes to everything can create business problems. Learning to say no, or channeling those unchecked powers, is crucial.
  • Sky-gazing Beyond the Northern Lights: Elsa and Anna often gazed at the magical Northern Lights. Similarly, business owners should consistently look at the bigger picture, staying connected to their broader goals and visions.


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