In This Episode, Jocelyn and Brian share valuable lessons from their 2023 Bricks or Sticks workshops and podcasts. Discover key strategies for business growth, including adaptability and customer engagement, to fueling your entrepreneurial journey.

Key Takeaways:

Launching Imperfect Products: It’s better to release a product that isn’t perfect and refine it over time, rather than waiting for it to be perfect before launching. Learn from actual user experiences and improve the product accordingly.

The Importance of a GPS Business Plan: A great GPS plan should outline current positions, end-of-year goals, and strategies for achieving these goals, integrating accountability, discipline, and commitment.

Time Management and Mindset: Understanding how to manage one’s time effectively and maintaining a proactive rather than reactive approach can significantly impact business operations for the better.

Simplicity in Business Planning: Success is often dependent on simplifying complex ideas into executable plans. Business owners must break down their GPS business plans into manageable components giving them better focus on priorities and tracking progress.

Branding and Business Foundation: Branding should be deeply rooted in a business’s values and differentiation. It should be expressed consistently across all aspects of the business.


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