In This Episode: Award-winning journalist and entrepreneur Rieva Lesonsky joins Jocelyn and Brian to discuss lessons from Beauty and the Beast. Among the core themes were curiosity, sacrifice, patience, trust, and love as they relate to small business. The conversation also has a few plot twists and discoveries.

Key Takeaways:

  • Curiosity Drives Innovation: Business owners who embody curiosity, like Belle, are more likely to explore new ideas and solutions, leading to innovative business practices and products.
  • Looking Beyond the Surface: Successful business strategies involve going deeper than first impressions, whether analyzing market opportunities, evaluating potential hires, or understanding customer needs.
  • The Balance of Curiosity and Prudence: While curiosity fosters innovation, it must be balanced with research and strategic planning to ensure business ventures are informed rather than reckless.
  • Understanding and Transforming the Market: Business owners must engage deeply with their market, uncovering hidden needs and desires, much like Belle did with the Beast, to successfully transform and captivate it.
  • Exploration and Disruption: The journey of Maurice and Belle in “Beauty and the Beast” is a metaphor for the entrepreneurial journey from innovation to successful market disruption.
  • Action and Initiative are Key: Highlighting Belle’s proactive role emphasizes the importance of taking action and initiative in both personal development and business.
  • The Importance of Core Values: Curiosity, sacrifice, patience, trust, and love are central themes in this story, which are crucial in the business world for building trust and loyalty with customers.


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