In this episode, Jocelyn and Brian talk about the origins of Bricks or Sticks. They also discuss the importance of having a solid business foundation to withstand any obstacles in the path to success. Great takeaways on GPS plans, proactive mindsets, and building your brand correctly.

Highlights and Takeaways from the Podcast:

  1. Be like the third pig and build with bricks. Meaning, start on a solid foundation so that when unexpected issues like a pandemic come up, you might lose a brick or two, um, but you do not get blown away.
  2. Follow your plan for success like you’d follow a GPS to get to a destination. Take it mile by mile and don’t make wrong turns!
  3. Comfort is not your friend. It may take longer to build a house of bricks versus a house of straw, but it will protect you better.
  4. Burn your boats. When you’re all in on your goal, there is no backup plan. If you fall, there is no other choice but to get back up.
  5. Have people in your corner holding you accountable. They make up part of your foundation that will protect you from the Big Bad Wolf.
  6. When you see cracks in your foundation, get right to work on patching them up. Be in tune with what is going wrong so you can manage that inevitable stress.
  7. Be proactive, not reactive. Fix the leaky faucet before it becomes a flood.




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