Four Pillars Worshop

Build YOUR foundation for a business that lasts


Learn how to level-up your business by focusing on the four pillars that most strategy and marketing experts ignore.
Whether you’re just starting out or you’re a seasoned business owner, we’ll show you how to go from surviving to thriving.

You can ENJOY your business again.

Four Pillars–A Proven Approach

Learn what it takes to set goals and reach them.

See how to go from starting the day answering emails, reacting and putting out fires to working on your most important tasks and handling whatever the outside world throws at you with ease.

To run a successful business you need a solid foundation in place.

Until now, you’ve done pretty well without a detailed strategic plan and by relying on your grit and determination to succeed


You worry. A LOT.

Despite all the worrying, you know you and your business are capable of so much more.

What if…

You could examine the foundation of your business and shore it up so that you

Build a plan with goals and milestones and know exactly how to execute it
Know how to get help seeing past your blind spots
Understand how to adapt to external events without freaking out (for too long)
Connect with your ideal clients in an authentic way
Learn to embrace discipline and accountability (even if you hate rules)

You Can!

That’s why we created this workshop

We’ve spent decades working with business owners and tracking their results after helping them put “Four Pillars” in place.
Now, we want to help even more business owners learn this framework and coach them as they implement the frameworks and strategies.

This is for you if you’re:

  • Just getting your business started and want to create a solid foundation and plan
  • Open-minded and willing to learn a new way to look at your business and traditional business tools and strategies
  • Leveling-up your business and want to grow right
  • Ready to use tools like business plans even though you hate goal-setting
  • Looking to stop putting out fires and to do work that moves the needle
  • Wanting to worry less so you can do more (and sleep better!)
  • Someone who has taken a lot of courses before and not implemented the material. You may find that with these pillars in place, you can go back and use the tactics you learned!

This is not for you if you’re

  • Not willing to take an honest look at your business
  • Looking for a way to 5x or 10x your business. This workshop is about setting up the foundation so you can map out those kinds of goals in the future
  • Seeking a proven step-by-step system to get you to (pick the revenue goal of your choice)
  • Hoping someone else will do the work for you. We’ll be teaching and coaching, but you’ll be implementing
  • Seeking a course on how to build out your social media following
  • Convinced your business outcomes are only impacted by external outcomes
  • Not excited to be part of a vibrant community of business owners